falcuntpunch said: michael, in the latest game of thrones theon's rescuer frees him from his torturers and kills his pursuers only to lock him up again. why? i don't understand the logic behind this (i don't mind spoilers)

Weeeeeeell if you don’t mind spoilers…

a lot of people are thinking that is Ramsay Snow, Lord Roose Bolton’s bastard son. Roose tells Robb he’d send his bastard to Winterfell and deal with Theon remember? There’s subtle hints that it’s the Bolton’s who hold him because of the ‘X’ they tie him to, and the Bolton sigil being well this…


a subtler hint would be the one person calling him a bastard before he shot him with an arrow but that’s easy to miss.

As for him freeing Theon just to capture him again Rasmay is a seriously sick fuck

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